Promoting non-traditional social awareness among teenage girls of Bangladesh

SOS Children’s Village International in Bangladesh joined hand with the popular TV channel of Bangladesh "Channel i" in raising a non-traditional social awareness among teenage girls.  As a part of such partnership, "Channel i" selected SOS Children's Villages in Bangladesh and SOS Hermann Gmeiner College Dhaka as contestant institutions from Dhaka division.  This year, 14 schools/institutions from 7 divisions of Bangladesh are taking part in the non-traditional social awareness reality show - "Shorno Kishoree" (golden girl).


The "Shorno Kishoree" program for the Dhaka division part has been recorded on 05 April 2014 in two sessions where teenage girl students from five SOS Children's Villages in Bangladesh and SOS Hermann Gmeiner College Dhaka participated in two separate sessions. The program was held in the premises of SOS Hermann Gmeiner College Dhaka where the Information Minister, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Hasanul Haq Inu was present as Chief Guest.  In total, 67 contestants took part from SOS Children's Villages while from SOS Hermann Gmeiner College Dhaka number of contestants was 240.


"Chennel i" has started telecasting the program "Shorno Kishoree" under the project "Bangladesh Network for Adolescent Girls Healthcare".  The main aim of the project is to make a revolution in secured motherhood. Through the programme "Shorno Kishoree" teenage girls are being enriched with health-related knowledge of adolescent health, reproductive health, nutrition and safe motherhood and they are going to take 4 pledges.  Four pledges are 1) No marriage before age of 18, 2) No pregnancy before age of 20, 3) Brother and sister, equal in nutritious food and 4) Srart of TT vaccination 5 dosage at age of 15.


Daina Monica Gomes has been selected as "Shorno Kishoree" from SOS Children's Villages Bangladesh while Monami Mehnaz won the title from SOS Hermann Gmeiner College Dhaka. 

At the first stage (in year 2014), 20 (twenty) "Shorno Kishoree" lead through total 26 episodes of informative network television program.  Bangladesh would get the best of the network, year best "Shorno Kishoree".  Each school/institute based "Shorno Kishori" would get year-long education scholarship.  The network best "Shorno Kishoree" would get education life scholarship of BDT 200,000/= and join the 67th Assembly of World Health Organization at Geneva, Switzerland, as the adolescent representative of Bangladesh.

Before recording of the programme, contestants were provided with information papers on specific topics from "Channel i".   "I am very happy wining the Shorno Kishoree title in SOS Children's Villages Bangladesh" Daina expresses with joy. "Through the program, we have gained knowledge about necessary nutrition, hygiene and risks in puberty phase. Awareness has also been raised on disadvantage of early childhood marriage, risk of teen age, skills and to tackle risks, etc." 

Centering the programme, contestants from SOS Children's villages visited "Channel i" premises on that evening as invitee and got a memorable experience.  

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