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SOS Social Centre Khulna

SOS Social Centre Khulna is one of the attached projects of SOS and this is the first Social Centre of SOS Children's Villages in Bangladesh. With the expansion of township a great number of destitute families appeared and there have been a lot of slums grown around the SOS Children's Village Khuln.With a view to provide community need based services to the most needy children and mothers of the neighbouring community SOS Children's Village International took an appropriate step to establish social centre in the premises of SOS Children's Village. SOS Social Centre Khulna has been functioning from January 1987 and this has created an opportunity to provide some basic programmes for the neediest families of the outside community. SOS Social Centre now offers a significant contribution through its programmes in respect of health care, education and socio-economic upliftment of the vulnerable children and mothers of the community.

At present Family Strengthening Programmes (FSP) is the most high lighting programmes of SOS Children's Village Bangladesh. Through this programmes the children who are at risk of losing the care of their family and may be abandonment at any time due to vulnerability situation are being supported with food, education, health keeping them in their family environment.

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